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Thank you for your interest in KOLB Aircraft. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and look forward to working with you in the future.

Kolb Aircraft Co. LLC is a provider of quality easy-to-build and easy-to-fly aircraft. All Kolb Aircraft feature folding wings and tail which allow for easy storage or tailoring. The tail folds up and the wings fold back along the fuselage in about 15 minutes by one person. Everything stores right on the airplane. We strive to consistently meet or exceed our customers expectations.

We are an agile, highly responsive company; reactive to the needs of our customers, especially in regard to quality, competitive pricing, on-time delivery, and administrative support. We strive to ensure reliability and implicit trust with our customers and be seen as determined, focused and straight forward business partners who are both flexible and consistent.

There are over 8000 Kolb aircraft in existence and our quality shows itself in the duration and value of them. You can site a Kolb at many airports across the country and some across the globe. If they are flying, sit back and enjoy the awesome short take off and landing capabilities. The Kolbs are able to fly in weather conditions where other ultralight and experimental aircraft cannot fly.

We encourage you to take the time and browse our site and learn more about our aircraft and consider becoming a part of the Kolb Family.

Our email address has been updated to coincide with our new web site and is customersupport@kolbaircraft.com, so be sure to update your records and we look forward to hearing from you.


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