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Pictured above is Bryan Melborn.

Bryan Melborn
  acquired the company from its previous group of owners in March 2010. He has been associated for several years through his business Custom Air.

Bryan has been a five-time EAA Grand Champion builder. The airplane pictured to the left is an example of his exemplary craftsmanship.

During his 38-year span of building, he has built over 150 aircraft.

Helen Melborn is the wife of Bryan Melborn and is a welcoming force in the family atmosphere. She is an outstanding photographer and enjoys photographing aircraft. Most of the pictures on this web site were taken by her. "I enjoy being around the builders as they have so much excitement when building their planes," says Helen. "We become a part of their family as much as they become part of ours."

Pictured above is Bryan and Helen Melborn.

Pictured above is Dennis Jackson. 

Dennis Jackson has been an employee of since 2001. He is the welder/fabricator and builds all of the cages and steel parts.

He has been a welder for almost 20 years and is a multi-certified welder.

During his 10 years, he also built five DR109 aerobatic aircraft.










































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