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Our most popular parts.
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Prices effective 01/01/2023
All prices do not include shipping.

$ US

Fiberglass Nose Bowl (requires painting)
Windshield 65.00
Full Enclosure 362.00
Standard Wing Kit (includes plans, pre-built wing ribs, ailerons) 4432.00
Extended Wing Kit (includes plans, pre-built wing ribs, ailerons) 4432.00
Gap Seal Kit 176.00
Complete Rib (each) 98.00
U-Joint A 60.00
U-Joint B 48.00
Boom Tube 500.00
H-Tube Brace 85.00
Drag Strut Fitting 38.00
Push-Pull Tubes (pair) 65.00
Gear Legs (each) 150.00
Axle Fittings (each) 80.00
Tail Wheel (red or blue) 14.00
Tail Wheel Axle Assembly 70.00
Tail Wheel Pivot Mount 37.00
Tail Wheel Solid Rod 33.00
5-Gallon Fuel Tank 45.00
PowerFin 3-blade prop (includes hub and bolts) 1086.00
Pick-up Tube 38.00
Lord Mount (each) 50.00
Manual and Plans 225.00
Fuselage Cage (tail wheel only configuration) 2700.00
Fuselage Cage (tri-gear configuration) 3000.00
Kolb Aircraft Low Rise Ball Cap 19.95

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