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We maximize the broad skills and talents of individual employees. Creativity, lateral thinking, teamwork and enthusiasm in our people is always fostered. Unmitigated enthusiasm for our company and its products is central to our efforts in the belief that enthusiasm is a priceless ingredient that adds value to product quality and individual effort. We continue efforts promoting the skills of our people to the benefit of generation of fresh ideas and cost savings. 

Incorporating Quality Standards, all employees (together with management) are encouraged and directed to implement and comply with the requirements of the quality system as a minimum expectation. It is our aim to exceed normal levels of quality so all customers may benefit and enjoy a relationship of world class standard with Kolb Aircraft Company, LLC. 


All of our aircraft are manufactured with quality aviation standard hardware and workmanship to facilitate and withstand the demanding aviation environment. Our aircraft fuselages are built from strong light weight 4130 chrome-moly steel like most high performance aerobatic aircraft. 4130 steel gives more strength with less weight than any other type material, and yet has excellent crash worth characteristics. Wings and tail are made of aluminum with steel reinforcements at high stress areas.

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